F1 Singapore Grand Prix


F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2014 Entertainment Ad

From 2009 to 2016, the work evolved each year with the client returning repeatedly for more and more collaterals and creations.
Initially beginning with a 3D modeling of the F1 helmet for a print ad,
other designs and content were added from a 3D modeling of the F1 cars to official TVCs.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2014 International Ad

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2013 International Ad

Singapore F1 LED Installation 2012
For F1 in 2010 - 2012, a whole wall of LED panels was turned into an immersive F1 experience. Using 5 TV screens, the installation transformed a simple walkway into a sensory adventure. The first in Singapore to utilize the space for advertising media.

2013 car
2014 car
2014 car

2016 car
2016 car

Using mixed media to create hype and excitement for the upcoming F1,
This is one of my experimental work.
Which eventually lead to the official event TVC's and other collateral.

All content was Produced in alice